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Adress: ZI Sidi SALAH
3091 Sfax Tunisie

P.Box: S.Ezzit BP 11 3021 Sfax Tunisie

Tel:+216 74 27 34 45

Fax:+216 74 27 32 55

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Been founded in 1982, the "Société Electro Lumière SEL is a supplier & a manufacturer of lighting devices, lighting appliances, spots & accessories and electric caskets in Tunisia.

Its activity develops also around several big centers as the accessory, the subcontracting in fine sheet metal and the specific productions.

On a land of 3000 m² on which 1550 m² of workshops, its social seat ideally is established in a big road ways which evidently accelerate the communication and the delivery.

During 20 years and more it obtained an experience and a deepened know-how in his sector (manufacturing & supply of lighting device, lighting appliance, spot ...), it's a society of a multiples competences. It gives herself the means of its ambitions by a sustained effort of quality and a will continues innovation.


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